Radio Presentation – The Universal Truths

The definitive, broadcast spec, professional radio presentation course.


    The red light comes on, the mic is  live … what happens next is up to you!  Every new radio presenter has faced their moment of truth and realised it’s not quite as easy as it looks. Radio Presentation – The Universal Truths covers the basics of presentation and much, much more.

    The principles outlined apply wherever you broadcast and whatever the format.

    The course begins by discussing the most important person in any radio station  … and it’s not the boss, the presenter or the head of sales!  Practical presentation hints and tips come thick and fast and before the end of the course you will learn techniques to turbo-charge your radio career.

    Whether you volunteer at a community radio station or are already earning your living  from broadcasting  … this course will enhance your on-air performance, increase your audience figures and ultimately boost your career prospects in radio.

    (Gerald Main wrote “The Presenter’s Coach” for the BBC.  His book has been used extensively by the BBC in training and developing their local and regional broadcasters in the UK.)



    Course Curriculum

    Radio Presentation
    RP 1 – Introduction
    RP2 – Who’s the most important person?
    RP3 – Get to know your audience
    RP4 – Getting closer to your audience
    RP5 – Have something to say
    RP6 – Getting the tone right
    RP7 – What do you talk about?
    RP8 – Kiss
    RP9 – Paint pictures
    RP10 – Playing music
    RP11 – Links
    RP12 – Performance and legalities
    RP13 – How to get the confidence
    RP14 – The presenter clock
    RP15 – Preperation for going on air
    RP16 – Be yourself?
    RP17 – When things go wrong
    RP18 – Interviews
    RP19 – Ego & interviews cont.
    RP20 – Phone-ins
    RP21 – Interaction
    RP22 – Interaction cont.
    RP23 – Trustworthy
    RP24 – Turbocharge your career
    RP25 – The seven tips cont.
    RP26 – And finally, the big one!
    Radio Presentation Summary Quiz
    0 Hours 5 minutes00:05

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    • 3 Months


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