DSLR Filmmaking

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The definitive, comprehensive, professional online DSLR filmmaking Masterclass training course.


Master your craft with the definitive, comprehensive online DSLR film making course right here. The definitive, award-winning filmmaking training course of choice for all DSLR cameras. Fully comprehensive, this course will walk you through all the stages of filming with a DSLR, with attractive and easy to watch visually-driven modules covering all the main stages of filmmaking process.

From how to use the camera, how to interview, how to manage light and deliver powerful stories, this course is what you need to enhance existing skills and embellish your experience.


This course is specifically for anyone using a DSLR camera capable of shooting video and includes: what kit you need, the best way to use the kit, how to plan your ficion or non-fiction film, what shots to get, how to do interviews, how to direct drama, what pitfalls to watch out for and much, much more. A course designed by active professionals for anyone from complete beginners to professionals wanting to improve their skills.


The course is focussed on the Canon 5D DSLR camera, but covers subject matter that applies to all DSLR cameras capable of shooting high quality video.


To take you to a professional level of filmmaking with a DSLR camera and equip you with the skills to make potentially award winning films.