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The International Media College prides itself in delivering the best online media training courses aimed directly for professional media organisations and broadcast companies. We want to keep broadening our offering so we’re always looking for more great media trainers to join our team.

We want to create an online college of media instructors, who are operating at the top of their field. Does that sound like you? Well then get in touch. Fill out the form below, we won’t share your info with anyone else and we’ll be back in touch as quick as we can.

I.M.C. does not charge you a monthly fee like most others. I.M.C. pays one of the highest rates of return and takes only a very small percentage of what you sell. This is used to advertise your course and pay for hosting costs. I.M.C. is focussed simply on delivering the best online media training out there, directly to the industry, tailored to the industries needs.

By joining I.M.C. you are not under any exclusivity agreement to us and you can freely use your material wherever you like, or promote your course yourself. By joining I.M.C. you can guarentee that your profile in the industry will sky rocket online. So join the ride and fill that form in!

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