Slash the odds, get a job in the media

Getting a job in the media has never been easy and it's getting harder by the day.  As more and more [...]

    Getting a job in the media has never been easy and it’s getting harder by the day.  As more and more graduates chase fewer and fewer jobs,  competition in the media jobs market is fierce.  In the UK,  some network trainee and apprenticeships attract literally thousands of applications.  Course presenter, Gerald Main, argues you are more likely to see the Loch Ness Monster than land some of those jobs … unless you do something to shift the odds in your favour.

    “Slash the odds” is crammed full of highly practical advice to help increase your chances of becoming the successful applicant for your dream job in the media.  The course highlights include how to discover vacancies (even where they don’t exist), the rules of the recruitment game and 7+1 questions you will face at an interview or during a job selection event.

    Anyone with ambitions of working in the media should take this course.  “Slash the Odds” is presented by former BBC Editor and broadcaster, Gerald Main, who has over 20 years experience of recruiting all sorts of roles in the media.

    Course Curriculum

    Slash the odds - Get a job in the media
    Slash 1 – What are the odds? 00:00:00
    Slash 2 – What can we do? 00:00:00
    Slash 3 – The front door 00:00:00
    Slash 4 – The back door 00:00:00
    Slash 5 – How do you get through the back door? 00:00:00
    Slash 6 – Sniffing out the opportunities 00:00:00
    Slash 7 – Reading the job ad 00:00:00
    Slash 8 – Making the shortlist 00:00:00
    Slash 9 – The interview prep 00:00:00
    Slash 10 – The 7 questions + 1 ! 00:00:00
    Slash 11 – If you don’t get the job. 00:00:00
    Slash 12 – The 3 essential habits 00:00:00
    Slashing the Odds – Summary quiz 00:05:00
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