Client packages

Need access to multiple courses or multiple user licences?

As well as being able to log on and access the courses individually at your leisure, I.M.C. offers a number of other packages that may suit larger organisations looking for multiple licenses, bespoke training and hands-on trainer interaction.


Bronze Package

Multiple user licenses for organisations.


Silver Package

Bespoke packaged courses with Instructor feedback.


Gold Package

Bespoke packages with live instructor interaction.


Platinum Package

Clients own branded site with I.M.C. functionality.

Our bronze package is ideal for training large groups affordably. It gives clients the option to purchase multiple user licences for one course or instructor already available online; or gives clients the option to buy access to the full range of courses on offer at the IMC, depending on whichever serves their purposes best. Perfect for large media organisations seeking to train whole departments or media teams, Bronze is a comprehensive course package to cover the main aspects of media training. Prices are variable according to length of licence duration and number of users.

Our silver package is aimed at large media organisations whose team members require greater specialist knowledge. It offers greater specificity for members of staff, who may already have received some training, but are in need of development. Silver offers the option for IMC staff to design bespoke courses using existing content, tailoring courses to meet client needs. IMC instructors will offer intermittent online support for individual members, up to a specified number of hours per licence agreement. The course duration will also be guided according to the number of participants and demands of the course content. This is the course for organizations that need a more tailored approach to training, but still seek to do the majority online.

Our gold package is for clients seeking a more hands-on approach to training. Students are offered a fully comprehensive training course designed specifically to their requirements, with additional content provided for students' whose needs might be more specialised. Student performance is tracked by IMC trainers at interm periods throughout the duration of the course; work will be marked and feedback provided by IMC staff. Gold is the most supportive training available online, that simulates one-one mentoring from an IMC trainer either as a webinar or online in one-one Skype sessions. IMC members will be able to provide additional support on location, depending on availability. This is the most comprehensive of all the courses and is the closest to bespoke, one-one training in person, online.

Our platinum package is for clients wanting to build their own media training website but greatly reduce build costs and cut development time.

The header and footer are completely rebranded to match the clients own site, but all I.M.C. content and functionality is still accesible. This means a client's own, fully-functioning training website at a fraction of the cost and without any development time. The client will then benefit from I.M.C.s continued development and their on-going I.T. support.

A client can request further personalisation including;

- their own courses not available elsewhere,

- some or all of I.M.C.s training courses restricted from their 'site',

- their own webinar portal

- further unique personalistion on discussion with I.M.C.

IMC pkg table

Table item description…

1. Users are able to buy individual courses on a pay as you go basis.
2. Courses to include a combination of interactive quizzes, multiple choice and written assessments with automatic responses and grading.
3. The interactive tests will give an accurate record of how well the student has understood the course and content.
4. A course specific certificate is generated automatically and can be downloaded on completion, as long as a pre-determined (course specific) score has been attained in the interactive tests.
5. Students progress, through the modules and units is tracked and logged. Any uncompleted modules are recorded. In certain cases, courses will not continue until a student has completed the module.
6. On signing up, a student will have the opportunity to undergo, a ‘Myers Briggs’ style learning assessment to allow the courses can be tailored to them.
7. The ability to purchase a number of different courses in one package.
8. The ability to purchase a number of different student logins in one package.
9. Bespoke courses, designed specifically for an individual clients needs. It will use content, units and modules from different courses. They will be packaged together as one ‘bespoke’ course to deliver the exact syllabus needed by the client.
10. Courses re-packaged or redesigned for the specific needs of the client.
11. Home-work or off-course tests that will be uploaded or emailed to the instructor for it to be personally evaluated and marked. Detailed feedback will be given in each case.
12. The ability to add live webinars, at specific points throughout the course syllabus.
13. At specific points throughout the course syllabus we will arrange bespoke, face to face ‘training’ sessions to augment the online course.
14. Additional, live, webinar coaching for individual students delivered as needed, throughout the online course delivery.
15. Additional, face to face coaching for individual students delivered as needed, throughout the online course delivery.
16. Allows access to all the functionality and operation of the I.M.C website, using the branding of the client. This will give the client an immediate, operational online training website with proven content, supported and in continuing evolution.
17. Allowing the client to define their own content, interaction and pricing structure.

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