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The International Media College

The definitive one-stop shop for international online media training courses

Media instructors at the top of their fields all assembled in one place

The International Media College (IMC) is a revolutionary new online training platform for the media and news industry.

Founded in 2015, it brings together the best trainers in the world, in one place, for the very first time. 

The media landscape is changing faster now than it ever has done. It is evolving at such a rate that it has become impossible to stay abreast of the latest technical and editorial developments.

Traditional news and media organisations are struggling to keep pace. They are failing to ensure their staff are trained on the newest kit and in the most up to date techniques.

The cost of face-to-face training is proving a massive barrier to their organisations.

But don’t worry - the IMC can help.

All of our instructors are all at the top of their game. They continue to work at the cutting edge of the industry and have decades of combined training, filmmaking and journalism experience, with the BBC, Sky News, the Press Association, Discovery, National Geographic, Canon Europe and the Thomson Foundation.

We cater for everyone, from the budding freelance journalist to the biggest media operations in the world.

Accessible from anywhere online, the training at the IMC covers everything from filmmaking, to online and social media strategy, to TV news reporting, to filming with smartphones.

All course content is rigorously vetted to ensure the highest possible quality and only suitably experienced trainers are invited to participate at the IMC.

The IMC uniquely offers a lively forum for debate about an industry whose needs are changing as rapidly as technology is reinventing itself.

It is designed to serve the trainers, students and industry alike and allow for a fair and vibrant method of affordable media training in this fast moving landscape.  










All our instructors have extensive experience and background in the industry. We simply insist on that here at the International Media College. Unlike nearly all other online training sites, all our instructors are also trained on how to deliver training in the most effective way. 
Feel free to contact any instructor directly to talk about what they offer, or how their courses can help you get to where you want to be.
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Dean Arnett [ Filmmaking ]



David Hayward [ Online ]



Paul Phillips [ Editorial ]



Mark Egan [ MoJo ]


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