How are the courses delivered?

All I.M.C. courses are specifically designed to deliver the optimum learning experience for the student. The courses are divided into sections and the sections are divided into units, all to make progress through the course as easy as possible.

Most of the courses are predominantly video based presentation units, delivered by the instructor ‘face-to-face’ and augmented with inserted edited sequences and graphics to help deliver the content.


A full clear navigation system allows you to easily find your way back to where you left off, or indeed move back to the last unit if you need to go over something you didnt fully understand.

At the end of each course, and sometimes at the end of each section the course features some kind of interactive assessment quiz is presented to help underline the key points with the student.


The quizzes are usually against a clock and their results go towards a final assessment. Get a good result here and you will be issued with a certifcate to download, print out and hang on the wall.

All units give the students the ability to ask the course tutor questions, make comments or indeed interact with other students as they work their way through the course.

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Further new features are already in the pipeline, so your course experience will be at least as good as that described above.

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